“On the Road Again”

The old Willie Nelson song comes to mind everytime we get in the car to go to another church to make a presentation. We get in the car every weekend to visit another church and tell them about what we will be doing in Macau. As you can imagine we spend a lot of time in the car. Here are some things we have learned from our travels.


We have learned a lot of numbers. We have learned how many hours it takes to get to different places (Three hours to Hale). We have learned the higway numbers: 75, 115, 27, and 96, just to name a few. We have learned how long it takes to get on one anothers nerves (it is a small number).


We have been learning our alphabet as we play games in the car (Amelith, Beulah, Caledonia, Dearborn, …). We have learned that there can be many different letters following an exit number. We have learned that the letter “I” in front of a higway number means it crosses states lines.


We have learned that there is a big trout in Kalkaska. We have learned that Tawas City is on the opposite coast from Glen Arbor. We have learned that DeWitt is near the capital. We can tell people that we have been to Hawks, Baldwin, and Union City. Still on our bucket list are Hell and Paradise.

This has certainly been an educational experience.




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