A Beautiful Reminder

Did you ever get the feeling God was trying to tell you something? I recently experienced that and it helped me to look at things differently. I took a step back from my hustling, bustling life and saw it for what it was: a vocation from God.

Lately I have been very anxious to get over to Macau to start our “real” work. I have been like this my whole life. I couldn’t wait to get out of high school to start my “real” education. I couldn’t wait to get out of college to start my “real” life. I couldn’t wait to get to Steven’s first call to start our “real” work for God. I have always been looking to the next stage of my life.

We were in Grand Rapids recently at Our Savior Lutheran Church. Steven was preaching during the Sunday services and presenting about our call to Macau during the Bible Study time. A normal Sunday for us.

It all started innocently. During my husband’s sermon he mentioned how childbirth is really ugly and painful, but it is all forgotten when the baby is placed in the mother’s arms. He then joked that it must be forgotten or I wouldn’t have done it another four times. Then during the opening for Sunday School Pastor Fleming talked to the kids about how God has put us into different roles. Hmmm, two things about being a mother and it isn’t even Mother’s Day. Finally looking at the beautiful panels painted by Edward Riojas that encircle the nave of the church I come to the words of the Te Deum, “Day by Day we magnify You”. Above them is portrayed a mother changing a diaper. I got it.

I think God was trying to remind me that my “real” work is here and now. Although I get caught up in day to day things and yearn to be overseas, this is where I am now. This is where God has placed me. My vocation right now is caring for my family. No matter how mundane the task, it is done for the benefit of our neighbor and to the glory of God.




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