Spring has Sprung!

Spring is when the Earth sheds its old tattered and worn garments and puts on a new frock of bright green leaves and fresh flowers.

I am thankful to live in an area where we get to experience all four seasons. Right now we are enjoying warmer weather, but not so hot as to be miserable. Each season has its positives and negatives. I could do without some of the windiness that comes this time of year.

This time of year also sees a lot of activities coming to a close as the school year winds down. Our schedule has a lot of special events on the calendar.

We have enjoyed Autumn’s orchestra concert. She lead the second violins through several pieces including “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters. This was one of her favorites. She also performed a Bach Bouree for her violin recital. She also has a piano recital coming up.

Liberty finished the year with a wonderful concert. She was first chair of the second flutes. They played three pieces with her favorite being “The Sun Peaks”. She described it as sounding like the soundtrack for an action adventure movie.

Skye has been learning the trumpet this year. We heared her play “Hot Cross Buns” with the band during her school’s Spring Music Program. She also has an end of the year trip with her class to Grand Rapids. At the piano recital she will be playing “My Favorite Things”.

Rose has also been learning a new instrument. She played percussion with Skye in the school band. Her end of the year school trip was to Midland to see the Great Lakes Loons play. She will also be performing at the piano recital. Rose also performed with her ballet and jazz classes.

Duncan enjoyed going to Reed City and competeing against other schools in Track and Field Day. His class took first place. He also performed with his ballet class in his Dance Recital. He has been taking ballet for five years now. He of course is the only prince among all the princesses.

Of course the one thing all the kids are looking forward to is the end of classes.





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