We’re home (for now)!

Thursday, September 1st, we crossed the Mighty Mississippi River into St. Louis. We are temporarily living on the campus of Concordia Seminary until we move over to Macau. We don’t know for how long yet. Hopefully we will soon make the big move across the Pacific.

This move has not been without its dramatic moments. A week before the move our Suburban decided it had enough of hauling us and our stuff. The transmission no longer worked in reverse and fixing it was worth more than the vehicle. It turned out to be a blessing. We would have gotten rid of it eventually so now was the time.

As a result of losing a vehicle we needed to rent a U-Haul trailer. When we went to pick it up there seemed to be a problem with the trailer lights. After checking and rechecking we discovered that a zip tie holding the connection between minivan and trailer tight was the solution. Now we could not uncouple the trailer unless we had another zip tie. We had to make sure that wherever we went on the move there was plenty of room to maneuver.

We made it to St. Louis without any delays. We did experience some discomfort though. Our Suburban was the only vehicle with air conditioning. We arrived with all the windows rolled down and glowing, so to speak. We got here just before the heat advisory so it is only getting warmer. I guess we need to find someone who can repair our car.

For now we are getting settled in and starting this new chapter in our journey. Duncan started his first day of fourth grade on September 7th. Rose and Skye started at the middle school on the 8th. Liberty started at the high school on the 9th. Autumn will be starting on the 12th.



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  1. We’re looking forward to your arrival in Asia. I hope you can keep those “dramatic moments” to minimum as you prepare to move! Yikes! Sounds like the upside to moving to St. Louis is that you’ve really pared down – less to ship to Macau. 😉 God speed!


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