Springtime Update

Even if the calendar doesn’t officially say it, it sure feels like spring here in St. Louis. This winter has been very mild. We have had some snow, some ice, and some cold. Lately we have enjoyed some days that have been in the seventies. The trees have been budding and some flowers are blooming. I want to declare winter over.

Speaking of blooming flowers, the kids have been busy…



Recently, Autumn has been accepted to a special drawing and painting workshop at Fontbonne University. It will be held on Saturday mornings and will be taught by faculty members. It is only open to Junior and Seniors who are recommended by their art teachers. At the end they have a showing of their artwork. She is very excited to have this opportunity.


Liberty is in the middle of music competition season. She has already performed with the Clayton High School Symphonic Band at Festival where they received the highest possible score. She will be performing with the Wind Choir at Solo and Ensemble Competition. She is, of course, nervous for the next competition. I know she will do well.


Skye has been doing well in her studies. We recently got emails from two of her teachers telling us how she keeps pushing herself to do better in class. It is really encouraging to hear that. She has also been working hard in her engineering models class. She brought home a collapsible chair that she made. At the end of the year her class will also complete a model airplane that will be hung inside the building.


Rose has been enjoying a variety of after school activities. She has been playing kickball, serving on student council, watching movies, and reading comic books. Lately she has been attending Baking Club. She has a wide variety of interests.


Duncan is enjoying the nicer weather. He has been out playing soccer and whiffle ball with his Dad. He also has made some friends his age on the Seminary Campus who go to the same elementary school as he does.


I have been volunteering at the International Center of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. I have worked on a variety of projects there. The project that I have worked on the most is cataloging the books in the Worship Library. They have books in a variety of languages and some come from the 1800’s. I enjoy organizing the contents of the library so that they are easier to find and use.


Steven has been working hard on learning Cantonese. He is continuing to take lessons once a week. He has added in weekly conversations with people in Hong Kong. Half of their conversation time is to help Steven with his Cantonese. The other half of the time he helps them with their English.

Wishing you a blessed spring,



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